Bed Bug Traps 4 Pack
Bed Bug Traps 4 Pack
Bed Bug Traps 4 Pack
Bed Bug Traps 4 Pack

Bed Bug Traps 4 Pack

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4 Insect Interceptors

+ 4 Cardboard Bug Traps



  • Stop Bed Bugs in Their Tracks: Place these ingenious bed bug traps beneath bedposts & furniture legs. Bugs climb up & fall inside. Then, the traps' slick, curved sides keep them from climbing farther.
  • Won't Crack Under Pressure: Made of thicker, tougher plastic, your Bizzy One bed bug coasters resist cracking & breaking, even under the weight of heavy hardwood bedposts. Tested & proven reliable.
  • No Insecticides Needed: Thanks to their clever design, these eco-friendly bed bug interceptors work without talc or pesticides or any other risky chemicals. Safe & nontoxic for your home, kids & pets.
  • Monitor & Control Infestations: If bugs climb downward, they're coming from your bed. If they climb up, they're going toward it. Either way, they're totally trapped by these efficient interceptors.
  • Free Insect Trap: Your Bizzy One pest-control cups come with a special bonus: our 4- sided cardboard trap designed to lure & catch bugs. It's an extra, effective way to keep those pesky pests away.

100% Nontoxic & Eco-Friendly, your Bizzy One Bed Bug Interceptors Head Off Biting Bugs & Keep Them from Reaching Your Bed. Set of 4 Comes with Free Cardboard Insect Traps.

Dealing with a bed-bug infestation? Or just trying to prevent one? Either way, you'll want to check out these bed-bug traps from Bizzy One. Unlike toxic sprays & powders, they contain no harmful chemicals, so they're totally safe around your kids & pets.

Plus, They're Thicker & Sturdier, So You Can Count on Them Time After Time

Go ahead. Place these durable bed-bug coasters under your heaviest beds & furniture. They're crafted from extra-thick plastic, so they'll resist chipping, cracking & breaking.

Each Pest-Control Trap in Your Bizzy One 4-Pack Features:

  • Exterior surface that bed bugs can easily climb up
  • Smooth, curved, moat-like well – so slick & steep that bugs slide down but then can't get back out
  • Smaller inner well that catches bugs climbing down from your bed

Result? These Ingenious Devices Trap Bed Bugs Coming & Going

The outer well gets them coming. The inner well gets them going. Both wells keep them totally trapped, so you can:

  • Safely get rid of them
  • See where they're coming from
  • Stop them from infesting your beds & biting your family
  • Monitor & prevent infestations

All 100% naturally, without any talc or pesticides.

Plus, You Get Our Free Bonus Cardboard Trap, So Add To Cart Right Now... and Stop Those Bad Biting Bugs in Their Tracks

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