Humane Mouse Trap
Humane Mouse Trap
Humane Mouse Trap
Humane Mouse Trap
Humane Mouse Trap
Humane Mouse Trap

Humane Mouse Trap

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The Busy One Humane Mouse Trap comes with eCOTRITION mouse food.


Do you hesitate to use lethal methods to rid your home & yard of mice? We understand. Small animals can die gruesome deaths when they're trapped or poisoned the old-fashioned way. Plus, those crueler methods can also endanger kids & pets.

Now Bizzy One Presents the Humane Alternative: Our Catch-and-Release Mouse Trap

Designed for no-kill mouse control, this highly effective mice trap:

  • Uses Yogies (or other harmless bait) to lure the mouse inside
  • Triggers a clever spring mechanism to close the door & capture the mouse
  • Has multiple air holes for ventilation, so the mouse can safely breathe
  • Lets you easily lift the door to release the captured mouse into any field or woodland

    ** Usable indoors & out, this non-lethal mouse trap lets you get rid of mice easily & humanely. Safe for your family & your planet. Comes with free eCOTRITION mouse food. **

    • Get Rid of Mice without Killing: Do you balk at hurting animals? We hear you. That's why we're offering this no-kill mouse trap, specially made to capture mice alive for safe release in the wild.
    • Nontoxic & Eco-Friendly: Why risk exposure to harmful toxins? Your Bizzy One Mouse Catcher uses no pesticides, period. Simply bait it with the provided Yogies. Won't harm kids, pets, or the planet.
    • Saves You Money: Unlike disposable mouse traps & costly chemicals, your Bizzy One Rodent Trap is reusable over & over. After releasing the mouse, simply wash out the trap; then re-bait & re-use.
    • Built for the Long Haul: You'll count on this heavy-duty mouse trap for many years to come. It's made of durable molded plastic, complete with a rugged spring mechanism & air holes for ventilation.
    • Free bonus eCOTRITION mouse food. That's why this versatile Mouse Trap Kit – is a Bizzy One exclusive – for ultimate pest control.

    Nontoxic & Eco-Friendly

    Concerned about germs? No worries. You'll never even have to touch the mouse itself. Plus, since this trap uses NO pesticides, it's safe for households with children & pets.

    Best of All, You Can Use It Over & Over

    Simply wash out your Bizzy One Mouse Catcher with unscented soap & warm water. Then add more bait & re-use. It's made of sturdy molded plastic, so it'll come through for you time after time.

    Kit Includes eCOTRITION mouse food!

    It's your all-in-one pest-control bundle, so add to cart right now. In fact, why not get more than one? After all, the price is right.

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