8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE
8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE
8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE
8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE
8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE
8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE
8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE

8 oz Bulb Duster Kit with 4 oz DE

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  • Unlike other brands, these longer lances allow you to dust even hard-to-reach areas.
  • Your pest-control bulb is translucent making it easy to fill, see the powder, and prevent spills.
  • Your pesticide duster comes with 1 brass lance and 1 extra at no added cost. (Total of 2 lances.)
  • Its sturdy silicone bulb and rustproof lances make this duster superior to others; it’s built to last.
  • Fill your handy pesticide sprayer with diatomaceous  earth for safe, eco-friendly pest control. The bulb duster dimensions is 11.5" x 7" x 2" . Bulb dimension is 3.75" x 2.25" 

Product Description

Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control, Your Bizzy One Powder Duster Provides All the Components You Need for Easy, Eco-Safe Dusting: Silicone Bulb + 2 Rust-Resistant Brass Lances and a Handy Funnel

Nobody has time for pests

Few household problems can be as frustrating and stressful as flying, crawling, jumping pests. Whether in the garden, the mudroom, or the bedroom carpeting, nobody wants the hassle of bugs, wasps, aphids, or other creepy-crawlies. But now, more than ever, the smart homeowner has safe, easy-to-use choices, and Bizzy One’s simple but effective Powder Duster is the answer!

So Simple To Use - Inside or Outdoors

Now there’s an easy answer to pesky pests. Choose your product, unscrew the see-thru silicone bulb, fill approximately 2/3rds of the way, screw it back on, and dust those unwanted critters to oblivion! Works with a variety of products easily purchased, like safe all-natural diatomaceous earth

Spray Up, Spray Down

Make your product last longer with pinpoint accuracy, whether you’re aiming up (to get at that troublesome carpenter bee) or down (to banish the fleas your four-footed friend brought in). You can even do multiple treatments per day using the TWO included footlong, corrosion-resistant brass lances

Eco Safe Outdoor Gardening and Pest Control

Eco-Safe Options

Most powder dusters are 4-ounces or smaller. Although they may get the job done, you have to refill them frequently, which is a real hassle. Our bulb is 8-ounces, more than double the size of the competition! This is going to save you loads of time and effort.

Simple Yet Effective

Do you have a family member or friend that loves to garden? If so, our innovative pest control powder duster is an excellent gift idea that's sure to be put to good use. You'll help them to get rid of pesky critters like beetles, cutworms, and slugs that are ruining all of their hard work.

Superior Performance

Our goal is not to be like a lot of these fly-by-night companies that just want to sell you a product and then move onto the next sale. We want to build a relationship with all of our customers and make each one feel like they're part of the Bizzy One family. Quality is also essential to us; that's why every product is thoroughly inspected and hand-packed in-house.

The benefits of all-natural diatomaceous earth are well known to anyone who’s had to treat fleas, ants, bedbugs, or other insects in the home. No product works quite the way diatomaceous earth does in putting the whack on bugs quickly and effectively without being a danger to your family and pets. But even DE has to be applied carefully, and with Bizzy One’s reusable and long-lasting Pest Control Duster, you’ve got years of pest prevention at the ready. Don’t wait, bid those creepy pests ‘Adieu!