about us

Hello and Welcome to River City Products, LLC! We embarked on our ecommerce journey in 2017 with a desire to revitalize personability within the industry. As buyers and customers ourselves, we can attest to the unique impact sellers have when providing a personal touch and availability! Additionally, as a result of the disconnect between the buyer and seller, we recognized countless underserved markets. This is the reason we developed River City Products, LLC! 

Our ecommerce business goal from beginning to end is to acknowledge unmet market needs, find solutions and personally care for our customers along the way! We serve our customers through two brands: “Bizzy One” and “Twenty Four Ten Home Gear”. Bizzy One offers customers an eco friendly, kid safe method to rid their yards and homes of those unwanted creepy-crawlies, while our Twenty Four Ten Home Gear brand offers trendy, eco-friendly, kitchen and bathroom decor to add the perfect final touch to their homes! 

Currently, River City Products serves the US market. However, as we regularly evaluate our goals and practices, expanding our market is not off the table. That being said, we highly value our customers' criticisms, praises and ideas! When we gather as a team, by far, the most beneficial information we cover is customer feedback! Send us a message; we would love to hear from you! 

Tom and Cindy Norton

President and General Manager