about us

Welcome to River City Products, LLC. We are a small e-commerce business located in Gladstone, Oregon. The driving force behind starting our business was realizing that there has become an impersonal, invisible connection between sellers and buyers on e-commerce platforms...even stale.  We realized there was an opportunity to bring that personal touch back to customers by building relationships not only with them but with suppliers as well. This is exactly what we have been able to do!

With the disconnect between online sellers and buyers, we also saw many needs in underserved markets where customers were looking for products, however there were not many options to choose from. Therefore, we built our business model to fulfill underserved customer needs.

Launching our first brand, “Bizzy One” in 2017, we currently are serving customers in the market of eco-friendly goods.

At this time, River City Products is primarily selling on the Amazon and eBay platforms. We are currently serving customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. As we grow our reach, we grow our ability to serve. In 2019 our plan is to expand our reach to the UK.

As we have seen opportunities in underserved markets for business, we also see opportunities to better help underserved people in need. Within our business and personal practices it is our goal to be described in one word, by those we come in contact with, "others". The backbone of our drive is not just to grow our business reach, but also grow our ability to give back.

Serving other's needs,

Tom and Cindy Norton

President and General Manager

River City Products, LLC